About Us

In this page you will find about our dive school and who we are.

About Us


The vibration of the mantra OM symbolising the manifestation of GOD in form. OM is the reflection of the absolute reality. It´s said to be “adi anadi” : without beginning or end and embracing all that exist.

The vibration of OM is the name of GOD, the vibration of the supreme. When taken letter by letter, a u m , represent the divine energy. If you wish, try to repeat a few times the mantra and feel how good it feels…

Delfin means dolphin in nearly all the languages, a worshipped and friendly mamifere. Savers of the world, smiling, loving and caring, being the name my dearly mom offered to me, I had to use it in the name of the Dive Shop. If you like yoga lessons

As a logotype of the dive shop is the magnificent GOD of India, GANESH, GOD who helps to lift up obstacles.

SINCE 2012

Omdelfin opened his door in Puerto Morelos because Delphine felt in love with the coral reef and the town.


We are located inside the Hotel Hacienda Morelos, in the centre of Puerto Morelos (in between Playa del Carmen and Cancun)


The team of Omdelfin is a good cocktail of french and mexican energy, always happy and ready to share their passion with you.


Director, instructor and full cave diver

Our master scuba diver trainer, full cave diver, passionate in diving since 20 years she is been teaching for 15 years, travelled the world for diving, my job, my hobby, my life is diving….
Trilingual, energetic, dedicated to the nature and the people, loving every day as a gift of god, she will do her best to teach you, Help you to perform, specialize you.

Her idea is to make you discover the wonders of the water and make you feel good.


Dive Instructor and photographer

French professional actress, she fell in love with diving 5 years ago and decided to pursue it in Mexico. She is now a diving instructor and underwater photographer as well as a snorkling guide for the cenotes. If you want security and jokes in three languages, she is your guide!


Divemaster and Snorkling guide

Mauricio is a very passionate divemaster and snorkling guide who loves being underwater, besides his passion for the ocean and the marine life, he loves taking care of people and sharing this amazing world we have here in Puerto Morelos.



Lover of nature, animals, fauna and flora, the marine environment fascinates me …
Installed in Puerto Morelos since 10 years and after being a snorkeling cenote guide in Tulum region, today for my greatest pleasure, the opportunity is given to me to return to a professional activity close to nature.
French nationality, it is with great pleasure and a smile that I will welcome you at Omdelfin!


Sale representant and receptionist

Born in Marseille, trilingual, and full of life, Thomas is a globe trotter who will welcome you with all his heart. Multifunction at the shop he is also in divemaster training.



Our dear captain has more than 15 years working here and 35 years leaving in Puerto Morelos. Rana knows the sea and the reef like his own house, and with him you are sure you will be back and that you will be back happy!